4 Signs That Indicate You Have Sensitive Skin

Understanding your skin type is vital to choosing the right skincare and beauty products because knowing your skin is the first step to the equation.

Most women consider their skin to be sensitive but aren’t too sure. This uncertainty can prevent you from trying out new skincare products, and you may never find the right kind of products for your skin.

Sensitive skin is a symptom and not a diagnosis—as such, understanding the skin issues that arises due to skin sensitivity is crucial.

Here are some signs that you have sensitive skin:

You develop rashes often

Sensitive skin reacts to products, and environmental influences very easily. This results in redness, flaky skin, or even a bumpy rash. Rashes can occur due to harsh chemicals, fragrance, certain metals, etc.

Skin dryness

Dry skin and sensitive skin go hand-in-hand. It can also lead to acne and cracked skin. Skin dryness gets much worse during colder months. Make sure you use hydrating products that suit your skin to protect moisture loss from the surface that can make your skin even drier.

Your skin is prone to acne and breakouts

Do you begin to break out after using any new skincare or makeup product? That’s because skincare and makeup contain harsh ingredients that clog the pores, resulting in breakouts.

Your skin gets burnt easily in the sun

We all know that sun exposure is bad for our skin. It results in pigmentation, damages the skin’s cells, dries out the skin, and causes fine lines and wrinkles. A good way to measure skin sensitivity is to note how well your skin fares under direct sunlight. Individuals with sensitive skin burn easily. Their skin turns red and sore and might even begin to peel after very little sun exposure, while those with normal skin develop a tan.

 A girl wearing white on a sunny day.

The solution?

Harsh chemicals in skincare products damage the skin’s barrier, in addition to over-exfoliation. Switch to a natural skincare system. Such products are free from chemicals and are gentle on the skin. The ingredients in our skincare products consist of Vitamin C, E, Marine Collagen, Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe, organic honey, and much more.


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