4 Ways Stress Affects Your Skin

Everyone deals with different stresses—family issues, personal struggles, adjusting to a new place, work-related troubles, and so on. Now, especially after COVID-19, there's been a certain sense of uncertainty around making things like finical security or even finding happiness challenging.

You might mask this stress with a big, bright smile, but sooner or later, your body will speak the truth. Your skin isn't only a protective barrier but can also recognize and reflect internal problems. Here are some ways stress can affect your skin:

1. Acne

This is one of the biggest and first signs of stress. When you worry or become anxious, your brain signals the body to produce more cortisol. This is a hormone that triggers the production of CRH (corticotrophin-releasing hormone). This CRH releases oils that can clog your skin pores, leading to acne. Although there has been no definitive evidence that stress causes acne, what studies have shown is that stress tends to worsen already existing acne. Scientists have also found that the healing time of acne is also increased when a person is under stress.

2. Dry Skin

Stress is different for everyone; some might find their skin extra oily, while others may experience dry skin. How? Well, when you're under stress, the fight-or-flight response is triggered.

This leads to an increase in adrenaline production, opening your sweat glands and making you sweaty. When your body loses this water, your skin gets dehydrated and dries out. Stress also destructs your skin's lipid barrier, which speeds up the sweat evaporation process.

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3. Signs of Aging

When you're stressed, you'll find yourself frowning more often than usual. These frown lines will make a permanent place in your skin and trigger other signs of aging, such as wrinkles.

Stress slows down the cell regenerating process making your skin look older. Even if you try to cover these emotions with a smile, only positive thoughts from within will stimulate your brain to increases the cell-renew hormones.

4. Dullness

Now that your skin's regenerating process is slowed down, all the other dead skin cells pile up on your face making it appear duller and darker than usual. It's essential that you take time off and unwind from the daily struggles and tensions of life by giving your mind and body a break. Along with this, a new skincare routine will also help return your face's glow and glory.

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