7 Essential Vitamins and What They Do for Your Skin

The appearance of your skin says a lot about your lifestyle, dietary practices, and overall health. From your stress levels to your sleep schedule and water intake, every aspect of your life affects your skin's aging process.

Taking care of your skin should be on top of your self-care regimen. As the largest organ you have, it deserves some extra effort and attention to keep it fresh and healthy. And one of the best things you could do for your skin is supplying it with multivitamins.

In this blog, we’ll list seven types of nutrients and their amazing benefits for your skin.

1.    Vitamin C

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The ultimate skin-loving vitamin, Vitamin C boosts your immunity, enhances collagen synthesis, heals wounds, protects your skin from sun damage, and prevents pigmentation. Collectively all of these benefits lead to healthier, brighter skin complexion.

Sources: Citrus fruits, leafy greens, tomatoes, kiwis, and our Speisialtóir Vitamin C serum for face.

2.    Vitamin E

Vitamin E keeps oxidative stress at bay. It fights wrinkles, age marks, scars, and blemishes.

Sources: Nuts, sunflower seeds, leafy greens, and supplements.

3.    Vitamin A

Fight skin irritation and sunburn with the healing powers of Vitamin A. This nutrient also improves cell growth and prevents eczema, acne, and free radicals.

Sources: Cod liver oil, eggs, yogurt, butter, carrots, sweet potatoes, etc.

4.    Vitamin D

Soak in the sunlight at 11 AM and let the UVB light do the magic. Vitamin D not only improves your skin health, but also facilitates stronger immunity and bones.

Sources: Egg yolks, cheese, fish, mushrooms, fortified milk, etc.

5.    Vitamin K

If your skin has stubborn acne scars, bruises, or wound marks, it’s vitamin K to the rescue. This vitamin reduces visible fine lines, spider veins, stretch marks, improves blood circulation, and evens skin tone.

Sources: Kale, spinach, beans, cabbage, etc.

6.    Vitamin B3

Also known as niacin, vitamin B3 is extremely beneficial for your skin. It's probably the most effective skin brightener, exfoliator, and redness alleviator out there.

Sources: Chicken, turkey, pork, beef, peanuts, avocados, etc.

7.    Vitamin B5

Provide extra hydration to your skin with vitamin B5. This nutrient helps your skin retain adequate moisture for cell growth and even tone by enhancing the skin barrier function.

Sources: Whole grains, lentils, avocado, chicken, etc.

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