Antiaging Facial Massage Techniques To Try

While the skincare products you use can improve the appearance of your skin, you can enhance the effectiveness of anti-aging products with a facial massage.

Facial massage is a great way to give yourself some extra tender loving care. It stimulates circulation in the skin, making you look more awake, and your skin glowing. Making facial massage a part of your skincare routine also relieves you of the stress you’ve been carrying all day.

What product should you use for a facial massage?

Skincare products are typically developed to sink into the skin quickly. This isn’t ideal for a facial massage. Using creams and serums for a facial massage means you’ll have to use a lot more product, since they aren’t as emollient. The best product to use for a daily facial massage is a good quality facial oil.

Facial oils are developed to be light on the skin and aren’t sticky either. Plant-based facial oils are ideal, as they won’t clog your pores. This is because most plants are microbial, and so is their oil. The Healthy Glow Face Oil by Efani Co. is an excellent option.

It has vitamin C, which is a powerful antioxidant. It protects against UV damage, environmental pollutants, and fights signs of aging. Vitamin C boosts the skin’s regeneration and brightens pigmentation.

This facial oil also contains rosehip oil, which is a natural exfoliant that removes dead skin cells. The vitamin A in this oil boosts your glow by providing your skin with extra moisture.

Facial massage tools made of rose quartz.

Facial massage techniques that have antiaging benefits

  • Begin your facial massage by applying a facial oil. Sweep your fingers down the bridge of the nose, then following the shape of the face. Keep these motions upwards and not downwards.
  • Place your fingers lightly under the eyes and begin working your way outward. This movement helps remove excess fluid from the face, particularly under the eyes.
  • Now move your fingers lower and repeat the same motion from the sides of your nose to over your cheekbones. Repeat this step till you reach your chin. You can focus on the contours of your cheek for a more sculpting effect.
  • Now move to the forehead. Begin between your eyebrows. Use light upward motions from the centre of your eyebrows upwards. Continue this motion till you cover your entire forehead. The forehead is the place where you want to focus most of your effort, since frown lines develop here.
  • Now come to the chin and begin working your way around the jaw in a sculpting motion. Keep the movement upwards for a lifted effect.

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