Does The Order Of Your Skincare Routine Matter?

If you follow any influencers or celebrities on social media, you’ll often hear/see them talk about their “skincare routine.” Beginning with AM, some do a mid-day round as well and then end with their PM routine. But, if you’re using good quality products, do these steps matter?

Read on to find out!

The basics

Typically, products should be ordered based on their texture and pH level. The lighter creams or serums should be applied before the heavier ones. Similarly, lower pH should go before higher pH. But why?

Well, a skincare routine isn’t just a fancy activity; each product is applied in a certain way to ensure optimal results. The manner in which you apply your products will determine how each of them is absorbed and work. For example, applying a heavy cream on your skin before a light serum will cancel out the effect of the latter. The heavy cream forms a thick layer on your skin, stopping the entry of other products.

Oil Based Products vs. Water-Based Products

Oil and water don’t mix; this is why you should begin with water-based products and then move on to the oils. Applying an oil-based serum before a water-based gel will mitigate the effect of the gel. All oil-based products should be well massaged so that it’s evenly spread across the face and acts a moisture lock.

A woman using serum from a dropper

Identify Your Skin Type

Before moving onto the correct order, you’ll need to identify your skin type. There are five skin types, i.e., dry, neutral, oily, sensitive, and combination. No product fits all skin types; you’ll need to find products that are specially designed for your skin type for maximum results.

What’s The Correct Oder to Apply Products?

Now that you’ve got the right products, you need to ensure they work their best.

AM Routine

  1. Cleaner (water-based)
  2. Toner (water-based)
  3. Serum (can be oil or water-based)
  4. Face oil 
  5. Moisturizer or cream (If the moisturizer is water-based, you can switch step 4 and 5)
  6. Sunscreen

PM Routine

  1. Cleanse (water-based)
  2. Toner (water-based)
  3. Serum (can be oil or water-based)
  4. Spot treatment
  5. Eye cream 
  6. Face oil 
  7. Moisturizer or cream (If the moisturizer is water-based, you can switch step 6 and 7)
  8. Lip mask

Once you apply each layer, you should wait for half a minute before moving onto the second. Your skin is a living organ and takes time to absorb the food you’re feeding. Use your ring finger to apply creams in delicate areas like under the eyes and pat the skin so increase blood and oxygen supply.

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