How To Boost Your Skin’s Glow For New Year

Christmas and New Year are fun time for festivities. You meet friends, family, and there’s so much to do. Everybody wants to look their best during this time and in the new year. Since its peak summer around this time, your skin can begin to look a bit dull and dehydrated. Here are some ways you can enhance your glow for 2021.

Always wear and reapply sunscreen

Sunscreen and a hat for days in the sun.

Good quality sunscreen prevents UVA and UVB rays from penetrating your skin. Not only do these harmful rays cause skin cancer, but they also damage your skin cells. Extended sun exposure leads dehydrates the skin and also hyperpigmentation.

Make sure your skin is protected with good quality SPF. Don’t forget to reapply throughout the day to stay protected. Opt for SPF that won’t clog your skin and cause acne. Make sure the ingredients in the sunscreen are effective and are gentle on the skin as well. Finding a sunscreen that works for your skin is all about trial and error, so don’t give up.

Avoid going out in the sun

While sunscreen is a great product, try to limit your sun exposure during peak hours of sunlight. Sunscreen can only protect you so much. You sweat off the product and it speeds up the skin aging process too. When heading out in the sun, use hats, scarves, and other protective clothing to keep your skin looking amazing. While a natural tan looks amazing and golden, it’s so bad for your skin. It is best to avoid getting a natural tan to protect your skin.

Invest in a good quality serum

Skin serums are an excellent way to instantly boost your skincare routine. Serums are concentrated formulas that begin working on your skin immediately and give quick results. For glowing skin, look for a skin serum with Vitamin C. Vitamin C is known to be brightening. It gets rid of hyperpigmentation, revealing an even complexion and protecting against environmental damage. Its strong antioxidant properties neutralises free radicals that impact the skin. These antioxidants enhances the skin’s natural regeneration process as well. Damaged skin cells are repaired with the help of this highly effective ingredient.

Vitamin C serums should also contain Vitamin E. Vitamin E stabilises Vitamin C and is ideal for your skin. As an overnight treatment it has powerful anti-aging benefits. Similar to Vitamin C, Vitamin E also targets hyperpigmentation for a more even complexion. It can therefore help with scarring left behind due to acne.

One science-based product that includes Vitamin C and E is the Speisialtóir Vitamin C & E Serum. It has all the right percentage of Vitamin C and E and is formulated based on clinical research to target dullness and signs of aging. What is special about this serum is that it can be kept for over 36 months without any preservatives and is developed to suit all skin types. 

Efani Co. is an Australian skincare brand that offers natural skincare products backed by science and real results. Our goal is to educate individuals about skincare and the ingredients their skin requires. Our Efani Co.’s line of products consists of a Vitamin C and E brightening serum and the Healthy Glow Face serum, cream, and face oil. Visit our website to find your best suited natural skin care products! We also offers free shipping on orders over $AU50 Australia wide.


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