Skincare Gift Guide For New Year

With 2020 being such a tough year on everyone, we’re all hopeful for 2021. A great way to welcome in the New Year is by showing your appreciation with some gifts. One really useful gift for the New Year is skincare. It’s a time where most people are running out of their products and might want to try something new.

Skincare is really important, after all our skin is the largest organ and it needs to be treated right. Whether your loved ones are skincare junkies or not, giving them a few skincare goodies is always a great idea. They’re bound to try it out, and depending on what you give them, they will surely love the results.

But how do I choose skincare for someone else?

Buying skincare products for another person can be tricky. There are hundreds of beauty products available today and many of these products aren’t worth your money. Of course we want to avoid gimmicky skincare products that have harmful ingredients that do worse things for your skin without you realising it.

The best strategy when buying skincare as presents is to stick to natural products. Good quality natural products will suit the majority of skin types and provide amazing results. Opt for brands that cater to a wide range of skin types as well.

Glowing skin with Efani’s products

Top skincare products that make great gifts

Facial oil

Facial oil has become really trendy. There was this real misconception that oil shouldn’t be used on the face and that it leads to breakouts. You need to use the right kind of oil on your skin to see great results. Rosehip oil is an example of an excellent facial oil. It provides hydration perfect for all seasons of the year. Combined with Vitamin C, it also happens to be able to help boost collagen formation of the skin which is ideal for a glowing healthy skin. Try Efani Co. Healthy Glow Face Oil.

Glow-boosting face cream

The secret to glowing skin is hyaluronic acid. This ingredient attracts moisture from the atmosphere, keeping your skin hydrated and plump. It also helps restore your natural glow. Other great ingredients for a face cream are jojoba oil, soy bean oil, and macadamia oil. These oils contain fatty acids that regenerate the skin. Buy this amazing face cream as a present for a loved one. They are bound to love it!

A serum

Serums are a concentrated skincare formula that is packed with ingredients to target skin problems. One of the main issues most people want to tackle is dullness and signs of aging. Signs of aging begin to appear as early as in a person’s twenties, so it’s never too early to begin anti-aging skincare. A vitamin infused serum help revitalise the skin and pumps it full of antioxidants. This particular serum contains Vitamin C for a brighter complexion and fights against the effects of pollution on the skin.

Efani Co. is an Australian skincare brand that focuses on evidence-based natural skincare products that work! Our goal is to educate consumers about skincare and the ingredients so they can make more informed choices when buying products. Our Healthy Glow product line consists of vitamin and mineral enriched skin brightening serum, cream, and face oil.

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