Top Benefits of Facial Oils for the Skin You May Not Be Aware Of

A facial oil not only rejuvenates your skin from the inside out, it can make it look younger as well. Our natural skincare advice helps you better understand your skin and what your skin needs in its routine. Here are top reasons why you should consider facial oils as part of your skincare regime.

What Is a Facial Oil?

Facial oils are formulated with ingredients that are able to seal in moisture, provide penetrating nourishment, soften and smooth the kin and protect the skin from elemental damage. Even though we produce our own oil naturally, for some people, the supply may not be enough or may be depleting as they age.

This is understandable. As time goes by, our body’s ability to produce oil reduces. Facial oils are the best substitute as they are identical to the natural oil in the outermost layers of your skin. These contain a number of beneficial ingredients in concentrated forms, such as vitamins and fatty acids like omega-2 that can rejuvenate sagging collagen and basically make signs of ageing disappear.

Top Benefits of Facial Oils

Some of facial oil benefits you can experience with Efani Co.’s offerings include the following:

1.     Beneficial for All Skin Types

Contrary to popular belief, not every skin type can benefit from creams and lotions. While they do provide hydration that dry skin needs in excess, an oil-based product can prove invaluable for a range of skin types.  

For example, if you have dry skin, a simple moisturiser may not be able to prevent it from turning to parchment when winter rolls around. Facial oils can since replenish the skin’s natural oil content. The oil can also form a barrier around the skin and ‘feed’ the skin without interruption.

Similarly, if you have combination skin (some parts of your skin are dry while others are oily), using facial oils just makes sense. The oil can spread on derma evenly and even a thin layer will be sufficient to make this type of skin feel supple. Since coverage is light, the oily parts of your derma won’t clog up.

If you have sensitive skin (i.e. which is prone to breakouts), facial oils should be part of your skincare regime as well. Choose oils are rich in linoleic acid to help stabilise your skin’s sebum production and make it more balanced. These oils are lipophilic which means they can penetrate all three skin layers and create a shield which can prevent acne-inducing bacteria at bay. 

If you have been blessed with normal (well-balanced) skin, using facial oils can help you maintain its supple and youthful quality for years.

2.     Reduces Wrinkles

When our skin ages, its moisture barrier, which is supposed to protect it from the elements, also breaks down as oil levels deplete. This results in fine lines and wrinkles prematurely. By supplementing those dwindling supplies with facial oils, you can hydrate the skin and make it more resilient at the same time.

Some facial oils are rich in antioxidants, which prevent damage to the skin by slowing down the ageing process and by freeing radicals, which may otherwise harm our derma. This can happen if free radicals try to grab an extra electron from atoms in the skin and speed up the ageing process. Similarly, facial oils that contain vitamin C & E help to protect the skin from sun damage by eliminating said radicals.

3.     Protects the Skin

Unlike moisturisers, facial oils can penetrate the inner layers of our skin effectively, trapping moisture and preventing toxins from getting in. In other words, these products can strengthen the natural barrier that our skin already has and ensure it remains safe from environmental pollutants.

Unlike mineral oil, which may lack the nutrients the skin needs to flourish, facial oils boast several vitamins and anti-oxidants that have rejuvenating qualities. Even a few drops are enough to clean the skin and you can also use them before applying foundation or sunscreen. This small step will enhance the benefits of other skincare products and protect the skin at the same time.

How to Apply Face Oil

When it comes to facial oil, a little goes a long way. If your skin feels sticky to the touch after applying it, that means you have used too much. Rinse it off or you may clog your pores. However, if you discover a face oil that benefits your skin type, you can be a bit generous. The oil will blend easily into your skin so you can use as much or as little as you like.

However, you should first check how your skin reacts to it. Start off with a small amount, preferably before you go to bed. Your skin should feel hydrated the next day if the oil agrees with it. If not, it will feel oily or wet. If your skin is chronically dry or you have gone through menopause, start with half a dropper of the oil. If your skin is oily, reduce that amount.

You can also swap your moisturisers with face oils since the latter are occlusive. This means they are thick enough to trap moisture beneath the skin and keep it there. As mentioned before, this prevents the epidermis from drying out and it also prevents the skin from getting greasy. To maximize its benefits, wash your face before applying the oil. Pay special attention to your forehead and cheekbones to ensure you get a beautiful glow.

The humectants in the oil, such as glycerin and hyaluronic acid, will keep the skin hydrated and the occlusive oil will also prevent the lipid barrier from drying up.

Why You Should Get Efani Co.’s Healthy Glow Face Oil

Efani’s Healthy Glow Face Oil is a formulation that helps to achieve a healthy and glowing skin. The natural plant-based oil can moisturise dry derma and make it look supple and smooth. Some of the ingredients it offers include:

Rosehip Oil – Rosehip oil has astringent properties, which means it can brighten up dull skin and tighten pores to prevent clogging. The result? Glowing cheeks and skin that looks young and fresh. Just a few drops of the Healthy Glow Face Oil is enough to see this ingredient in action as it cleanses the skin.

Jojoba oil - Jojoba oil has strong anti-inflammatory properties and is known for protecting acne-prone skin from free radicals that can dry it out. Additionally, it also regulates sebum production easily since it is bio-mimetic, it matches the sebum that our body produces naturally by up to 97%! This is why products that contain this ingredient can assist in balancing out the skin and preventing breakouts.

Vitamin C – Known as a powerful anti-oxidant, vitamin C not only neutralises damaging free radicals, it can also free them. This hastens the skin’s natural regeneration process and aids the body in repairing damaged skin cells. Besides keeping signs of ageing at bay, vitamin C also creates a barrier around the skin, which protects it from cancer-causing UV rays. In other words, the ingredient can nourish your skin and protect it from the elements at the same time!

Explore Efani Co.’s Healthy Glow Face Oil to see these benefits in action yourself! It is ideal for dull, dehydrated, dry or unevenly textured skin conditions.

At Efani, our purpose is anchored in ensuring our customers are well informed before they acquire our skincare line. This includes providing information that can help women make informed decisions for their daily skincare routine.


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