Your Guide To Summer Skincare

Identifying the right summer skincare routine can be tricky. We often underplay the need for moisturising products during this season. Now that summer is upon us, it’s essential to transition from a winter/spring skincare routine to a summer routine.

Here are some key changes to make to your skincare routine for summer:

Lighten up your skincare routine

Mositurisation is essential all year round, but you can afford to lighten up your skincare products for the summer. Using too many emollient products can clog up your skin and make it oilier as well. Use lightweight products that seep into the skin quickly. This will help with your morning routine, in particular.

A lightweight moisturiser and SPF will sit beautifully beneath makeup all day long. Top up your SPF throughout the day. For ladies that wear makeup in summer, use a powder-based SPF to top up when you’re on the go. A broad spectrum SPF is always the best one to opt for.

If you’re used to using rich masks and treatments for your skin, swap them out for more purifying products and products that will soothe your skin after sun exposure.

Portrait of a girl at the beach applying sunscreen.

Include a Vitamin C serum

If you’re yet to use a Vitamin C serum on your skin, you don’t know what you’re missing out on! Vitamin C is a holy grain ingredient that your skin needs. Its powerful antioxidant capabilities reduce environmental stress on the skin. It also helps with skin cell regeneration and lightens pigmentation for a brighter complexion. Vitamin C is that one miracle product that addresses so many skin concerns that everyone can benefit from its use!

Use an exfoliator

While experts advise against the use of exfoliators too often, it’s highly recommended in summer. Those who have oily skin, in particular require exfoliation during summer. Use gentle exfoliators to unblock your pores. It also gets rid of dead skin cells and reveals a brighter complexion. Always rehydrate your skin after exfoliation with a moisture rich product like the Healthy Glow Serum.

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