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About Us

At Efani Co., we believe in skin solutions backed by science. Our profound understanding of skin biology and years of research has led us to offer research-based natural skincare products that are backed by clinical research, or validated by real results from real women.

For years, we have worked with our experts who test, study and validate ingredients for their efficacy and ability to breathe new life into your skincare routine. Our open-ingredients policy allows you to understand what works best for your specific skin condition, with full transparency.

Efani Co. is the essence of a transparent and educational skin therapy experience, channelled into skincare. 

Our Story

We are an Australian-based skincare company dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge on the way our skin works. Our products are the cumulative connection between potent skincare botanicals, leading skincare experts and the outcome of research-based science.

The story began when our founder, Carmen underwent skin treatments that left her with severe post hyper-pigmentation. She later came to learn that the solutions recommended to her were not suitable for her skin type and condition, and she became determined to resolve her skin issue. This experience led her to feel strongly about building up her own knowledge of skin biology to create effective skincare solutions that actually worked for herself, and for women like her.

Through the process of extensive research and professional studies, Carmen has teamed up with leading skincare professionals and experts to offer reliable skincare solutions for specific skin issues. We are dedicated to offering trusted and effective science-backed skin therapy; with care and compassion.

Our Story
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Our Values

Efani Co.’s purpose is anchored in transparency and education: to help women understand what causes their skin to age, what they need for their skin concerns, how the ingredients work and how they can incorporate these ingredients and products into their daily skincare routine.

We place value on helping women make informed decisions about their skincare, by providing solutions that are essential for your specific skincare needs. We are transparent about our ingredients and formulations because we believe that our customers need to know what they are applying on their skin.

A commitment to reliability and responsibility is the reason why there is a considered through process behind each decision we make. We genuinely care about helping women feel more educated about their skin, but we also extend our compassion to people, the planet and animals. We aim to be as eco-conscious as possible in our processes, from the cruelty free and all natural ingredients we formulate, to our 100% carbon neutral and offset courier process.

Science-Backed Skincare

Efani Co. is made for women who believe in natural products that are backed by research. Our products solve real skin problems.

We are proud to be the exclusive Australian distribution partner for the U.S. breakthrough technology; the Amphiphilic Trans-Epidermal Delivery System. Used in our Speisialtóir Vitamin C and E Serum, this technology helps overcome the instability issue of pure Vitamin C (L-Ascorbic Acid) in cosmetic formulations. This exclusive patented system allows the active ingredients to turn into micro-molecules, increasing their penetration through the skin barrier, which means the Vitamin C potency is intact without the use of preservatives. It’s a registered trademark (registration number 5,349,988).

Our approach is clean and simple; just like our skincare regimen.  

Our Story

Say hello to science-based, reliable and effective skin solutions. 

Speisialtóir Vitamin C & E Serum

Photo-protection, brighter complexion,
and reduced dark spots.


Healthy Glow Range

Skincare essentials for happy,
healthy and glowing skin.